Traditions of the Heart


We hope that the photos we take, are handed down through generations whom follow us. Not all of them, but the special ones. Today my son was watching a slide show of photos from his Grandma’s 90th birthday party. He asked me, “When I am old, will my kids see the photos of me when I was little?” I told him I hoped so.

Handing down and preserving family memories is important to me. That is why, when clients have something sentimental to their family they want to bring to a session, I get super excited.

I loved when Annie told me that the cradle little Miss M slept in was created by Miss M’s Great Grandpa … it was hand made for Annie, and it has been used for every grandchild and now great grandchild in the family. How special is that?

I couldn’t wait to photograph Miss M and her brother with the cradle. It was important to Annie and so it was to me too. Thank you so much Annie for trusting me with these precious memories of your divine babies and carrying the beautiful (but heavy) cradle to the woods of Goshen NY.

Much Love to you all!