I recommend not making a big deal with little kids about having a photo session. As parents we try to prepare our children as much as possible. However, I find this tends to back fire and kids tend to then get a bit anxious about the session. I recommend to introduce me as your friend Gray, who is coming over for a play and may take some pictures. It is best to keep it fun and exciting as possible for the little ones.

Also, the key to happy children are happy parents. No matter how crazy the hours before your session are ... remember to relax. Children quickly pick up on our stress, but unfortunately don’t forget it as easily as we do. Don’t worry. This is a special time to celebrate your family ... it’s going to be fun ... even if they end up wearing something you didn’t pick out! (I have 3 kids ... I understand).



Their first year

I like to capture the milestones that they have reached. Holding their head, sitting, starting to crawl and even daring to stand unassisted. I love to capture it all - all that babyness that just makes you want to breathe them in.



I like to capture their curiosity, playfulness and sweetness. Taking those first wobbly steps and then running as if they have been running for a lifetime. Oh and of course, their cheeky grins that allow mums and dads to forget all the naughty things they have been up to.

I usually just follow them around and catch them being the best toddler they can be!


Little kids

I like to capture their natural personality. Their favourite toys, dress up or just the look that only your child can give. The child exploring who they are and what the world is all about. Many times you may think I am doing more playing than photographing ... but this is how we capture these moments that make up your child’s story.

For children around three and up, sometimes I ask for a bit of space while I am taking their portraits. This avoids, a child performing in front of a parent, which often results in un-natural smiles and expressions. I will let your child be our guide. If he or she starts to fuss, you will be quickly asked to come back until they are comfortable. When I say “space” I don’t mean too far away, always have your child and me within view and be ready to step in on cue. Often pretending you are pre-occupied takes all the pressure off the child and allows me to get their full attention.


Older kids

I like to capture their natural, relaxed, simple self. Typically with this age group I ask a lot of questions and we just chat. Sometimes I find out about girl/boy friends before mum and dad. This is all in the effort to get that natural look you love.



I like to capture their love, laughter and togetherness. What more is there to capture. My goal is to give you an image you will cherish now and they will cherish in years to come.



I like to capture the interaction between your family. Playing with a ball or just sitting together. Special moments between child and parent ... those tender moments many people don’t get to see. I will work to get a few ‘typicals’, all looking at the camera shots if you need them, but I strive to capture the tender, soulful shots that show the side of your family you love.

I customise each session to your family as per the information provided on your questionnaire and discussed during our pre-session consultation. The more information you provide me about your children and family ... the better I can tailor your session to make you all feel at ease and get the most natural and joyful images.


Clothing should compliment, not dominate the portrait. Above all, feel comfortable and that will come across in your images. However, here are a few tips to help.


Babies and kids

Can be bold with colour and style. Pick clothes they will want to wear and make their personalities shine. Make sure their clothes don’t over power or wash them out. We want their faces to shine through.

Avoid any clothes with logos, writing or strong patterns. This will distract from your child. Sometimes plain clothes with bright colours or beautiful simple vintage-y colours work best. It depends a lot on your child’s personality and tones.



You are the backdrop to the children. Some key tips.

  • Choose clothes that flatter your body type and make you feel good. As for jeans - try to avoid the baggy kind or ones with holes in the knees.

  • Solid colours work well.

  • For Mum’s, it’s always worth to get a blow dry the day before or morning of your session. Natural makeup is best, but maybe slightly more.

  • For Dads, clean shaves work best. If getting a hair cut, try to get it the day before.

Try to avoid sleeveless shirts or shorts, as you may regret it afterwards. Also please avoid any logos or writing on your shirts.



You don’t need to match, they just need to coordinate. Best to avoid some in real dark and some in real light colours. Choose a palette of 3-4 colors and mix it up, including both pants and dresses. You want a cohesive feel, but without being overly ‘matchy-matchy’. Picture a page in a clothing catalog where everyone coordinates, but nobody stands out more than the rest.

Please feel free to ask questions, send me a photo of your options, or bring different options on the day. I find it best to lay your clothes out on a bed a few days before. Parents first, then kids on top. Make sure your selection is cleaned and pressed and ready to go the day before.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me (Gray) at 0423 760 33 or gray@simplygray.com.au. No questions are too small or big.


These terms and conditions are put into place so you know exactly what a session with Simply Gray Photography entails and to ensure that I am able to deliver to your expectations. Please read carefully. By payment of your session fee or agreement to a session you are unconditionally accepting these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact Gray Tham (Photographer).


Simply Gray Photography (Gray Tham) retain copyrights to all images. It is illegal (and unethical) to scan, copy or reproduce these images in any manner or medium. This includes website/blog images. The client may not authorize any reproductions of images for commercial or personal use, photographic competitions or display.

Originals and digital negatives remain the property of Simply Gray Photography. While the digital negatives are available for purchase, copyright remains with the photographer and a limited release (personal use only) is given with the files. The customer is not authorized to modify the files in any manor without permission of the photographer.

All clients are required to sign a model release form stating the above copyright conditions and providing approval for use of your session’s images on Simply Gray Photography’s website and blog. If you are uncomfortable with photographs being posted on the internet, that will be respected and noted on the model release form.


Shoots may be rescheduled due to lighting conditions and weather. Reschedules are at the discretion of the photographer. If your child is ill, please notify the photographer as soon as possible to reschedule. Unwell children are generally unhappy and thus result in unhappy sessions and disappointing images.

If you do not show up for your session or cancel within one hour of your scheduled time, you forfeit your entire deposit.

Please do not bring your camera, camcorder or recording device to the session.

Attendance at a photo session is limited to those individuals being photographed. In the case of children and newborns, attendance is limited to 2 parents only. Siblings are welcomed if they are to be photographed as well. In order to minimize distractions and ensure a productive and successful session it is recommended that the number of persons present be kept to a minimum.

Photographing any specific moment is not guaranteed by the photographer and the photographer will not be responsible for any missed moments. I will ask for the client to provide a list of suggested images, but it cannot be guaranteed these images can be captured on the session date.


Your session fee is required within 1 week of booking your session. Your deposit is non-refundable, but may be transferred to a new session date if necessary.

If prices changed before your session date, you will not be required to pay the new fees provided you place your order within the two week ordering period given to you when your proofs are displayed in your on-line gallery.

Approximately 3 weeks after your session, you will be provided with a password to your personal online gallery. This gallery may be shared with family and friends.

Your on-line gallery is available until your ordering session. In person ordering sessions are held at my residential studio at 25 Bellavista Road, Glen Iris. It is highly recommended that both parents attend these sessions. All orders are due at this time. For any orders that are not made during the Ordering Session, a $100 fee will be charged for additional time required to process your order.

Please be aware that there may be slight colour and contrast differences between what you see on your home computer and the actual print. This is due to differences in monitor calibration.

Full payment is required at time of ordering. This may be made by direct debit or cheque. Due to the custom nature of each session, all sales are final. Be sure to inspect all your images carefully. Once images and products are ordered, all sales are final.

Images chosen to be shown as proofs are at the discretion of the photographer. All images not shown as final proofs will be purged after the initial processing stage. The client will not be given access to unedited images from the session.

Simply Gray Photography does not offer extreme retouching services such as head swapping, changing clothing colours and glamour edits. Minor changes (at the discretion of the photographer) can be made, but any major edits will incur a fee of $60 a hour.

When provided a proof of custom story boards, minor changes (such as background colour, font, switching of images) are acceptable. However, if major edits (at photographers discretion) are required, the $60 hour editing fee will apply.

Your online gallery will provide both colour and black and white photographs. Before the session, I will discuss your preferences and edit the gallery accordingly. In addition to your preferences, certain images are processed better in black and white. This is at the discretion of the photographer. Thus many black and white photographs cannot be supplied also in colour.

Products will be ready approximately 4-6 weeks after the order has been completed. All products are to be picked up at my residential studios in Glen Iris.

Albums and Coffee Table Books use many of your images. You may specify images to be omitted and colours or themes, however the final design is decided by the photographer.

All ordered images will be kept on file for one year for reorder. Unordered images will be discarded 30 days after the order has been placed. Simply Gray Photography will take every precaution when archiving images, though cannot be held responsible if something happens to the image files beyond their control. Reorders are priced according to the rates effective when reordering.